Pursue, Connect, Serve and Reach are our priorities at New Life and are the lens through which we view everything in Student Ministries. We are very intentional to plan our year based on our four priorities. If an event, sermon or game night doesn’t accomplish one of those four priorities, we don’t do it. We want students to Pursue Jesus daily, Connect in community, Serve each other and Reach their world.

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Small Groups

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights will look different this year but we still want to connect in small community! Watch for details to come!

Sunday Evenings

Trek & Journey 24/7 – This optional opportunity is a continuation of the AWANA Ministry for Grades 7-12 and meets at the church from 6:30 to 8:30pm approximately 2 Sundays per month during the school year. A typical night starts with games then moves into a teaching time, handbook time, and fellowship. For further information, see our Awana page.

Register for Awana

Student Serving Opportunities:

There are opportunities for students to serve here, near and far. We offer students the opportunity to serve on Sunday through our Connect Team. We also look for opportunities to impact our community by serving with local organizations. Additionally, we travel further away for yearly mission trips.

Join our Connect Team where you can be involved in serving our church body about once per month on Sunday mornings with greeting, ushering and other opportunities that allow you to help people feel welcomed at New Life. Contact Pastor Grant for more details if you would like to be part of the team!

You can assist in any of the kids classes (9:15am hour or 10:30am hour), working with adult volunteers and sharing your skills and interests with kids. Contact Pastor Grant if you’d like to serve or need more details!

Adult Serving Opportunities:

We want people with a passion for students to get plugged in with Student Ministries as it’s such a crucial time in life for young people. Student Ministries includes Grades 6-12, and we have the opportunity to lead by example in our lives to these students. We encourage each adult volunteer to help lead a small group and, most importantly, to be involved in the students’ lives outside of the church building. Get to know them, share your story, be a leader and show students in practical ways what it looks like to follow Christ. We are helping these students Pursue God, Connect in community, Serve each other and Reach their world.

If you are interested or have questions about serving in Student Ministries, email Pastor Grant.

Student Trips

We plan trips that are going to challenge students in their walk with Christ and give them many eye-opening experiences locally and across the country. God can definitely use student trips to create great experiences, grow students in their faith in Jesus and benefit global reach partners and the work they are doing.

A Tiered Approach

We break our trips into three tiers – three different types of trips based on Purpose and People (what we will be doing and who we hope to bring). Type of work, distance from home and length of time are determining factors for which tier a trip falls in. Age, spiritual maturity and previous trip experience are determining factors for who is eligible for trip participation. Trip participants are required to have gone on a lower tiered trip in previous years, or this year, to qualify for the next tier. Jesus taught that we should first be faithful with small things, and then we are to be trusted with more. This tiered approach helps ensure that trip participants have the best experience possible. It helps us send out teams that are ready physically, emotionally and spiritually to accomplish the work that God has prepared for us to do. We want to set you up to succeed!

LEADMISSIONS Twin Cities Global Reach Trip (Tier 2)
  • Who: Students completing Grades 9-12 in Spring 2021
  • Where: Twin Cities, hosted at NLC!
  • When: July 18-24, 2021
  • Cost: $300
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2021
  • LEADMISSIONS Twin Cities Global Reach Trip is being hosted by LEAD222 Youth Pastors from the Minnesota Region. We will be partnering with different ministries all over the cities who are reaching the poor, hurting, lonely and spiritually lost. Students will be confronted with the reality of poverty in the US, cross-cultural tensions and opportunities to present the Gospel to those who are far from Jesus. Add to these experiences the training, leadership development and mentoring elements woven into each day, and this trip is sure to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom as students return home with the same heart of living a life of mission and mentorship. Our plan for the ministry this trip also includes continuing to serve into the evening with some of our partners. After the work is done for the trip, teams can enjoy some of the many entertaining spots around the area like the Mall of America, Valley Fair, the Minnesota Twins and/or any of our beautiful lakes and beaches. We hope you’ll join us as we see God’s Kingdom advance through us in the Twin Cities and in our hearts as we grow as men, women, leaders and followers of Jesus. Sleeping Accommodations: New Life Church of Woodbury (bring air mattresses & bedding); Showers: Some on site/some off site. More info on LEAD222 and the trip: Apply Now!
    Financial policy:

    Trip participants are responsible for 100% of the cost of the trip(s) taken through New Life Student Ministries. Student Ministries will, however, work alongside trip participants in areas of fundraising (e.g. support letter writing, etc.) to help raise funds for each individual. Any funds raised above the trip participant’s cost will be used towards overhead expenses. Depending upon the trip chosen, payments may be automatically taken out via the credit card given at the time of deposit or will be paid for via personal check, made payable to New Life Church. All deposits and any money raised for individual team members are non-refundable.


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