Women’s Tuesday Bible Study}

Women’s Tuesday Bible Study

Tuesdays, February 27-May 7

Women, join us Tuesday mornings, 9:15-11:30, in the Worship Center as we gather for worship, Bible study, fellowship and prayer.

Dates: Tuesdays, February 27-May 7
Time: 9:15-11:30am
Study: Judges: The Path from Chaos to Kingship (Flourish Bible Study)
A 10-Week Study on the Book of Judges for Women

In the book of Judges, the people of God were mired in sin―from murder and violence to lust and adultery. The dramatic journey to the promised land may feel like a blockbuster movie, but it’s a tragic story that illuminates the sinful nature of humanity. The Israelites’ waywardness threatened to lead them away from their blessing, but despite their disobedience, God’s undeserved grace endured.

Join Lydia Brownback as she examines the biblical account of the twelve judges in this compelling, in-depth study. Reflect on God’s persistent grace as you see him carry the Israelites through Canaan and prepare them for his great purpose.

Study Book: NLC has ordered the study books; you can include payment for your book on this form. You can also choose to order your own book.

Tuesday Childcare: Childcare is available for children while their mom attends a study. Children must be registered in advance.

Childcare Volunteers: Women attending Bible study will be asked to take a turn caring for children in the nursery to enable moms to attend their study.

Questions about the Bible study/Women’s Ministries? Email Cheryl Engstrom womensministry@nlcwoodbury.org.
Questions about Tuesday childcare? Email Amy Fuhrman fuhrman5783@gmail.com.


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